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Our firm was established in 1998, but in truth, our mission to help others began much earlier — before any of us even met. You see, every attorney at our firm has a long history of client advocacy that began long before they entered law school.
For Maria, advocacy began in childhood, when she walked the picket line alongside her father, a union organizer. She grew up seeing just how influential a strong voice can be and carried that lesson with her all the way into adulthood. Her decision to use the law as her means of being heard was further fueled by stories of her grandfather, who had been a lawyer in Spain.

Stronger Together

Our individual histories led us into the legal profession and molded us into hardworking, compassionate people. Since we’ve united under one practice, though, we’ve been able to offer even more to our clients than we could separately.

As one unified, multi-faceted firm, we have become something of a “one-stop shop” for customers in need of legal assistance. People come to us with concerns ranging all across the legal spectrum — they need help planning for the future, protecting their business, resolving a family dispute, recovering from an injury, handling a criminal charge — the list goes on. And we are continuously able to offer the assistance they need or, at the very least, point them in the direction of another firm that can. No matter what part we play in the process, nothing brings us greater joy than helping our clients make the changes they’re looking to make.

When we say we offer great legal service, we mean that we listen to understand our clients’ needs, then do everything we can to ensure those needs are met. -Maria


We have over 75 years of combined experience practicing law, and that experience spans across several major practice areas. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more versatile legal team.


Cutting corners just isn’t in our nature. We take the time to get to know our clients and their circumstances because we want the outcome of their case to be as beneficial as possible.


Though we hope you never have to face any serious legal issues, you can rest assured that we’ll always treat you with understanding and respect, no matter what brings you to our door.

What Lies Ahead

As we look to the future, we can’t know for sure how our firm might expand or what new practice areas we’ll grow to offer, but of one thing we can be certain: our clients will always come first. We built this firm with their well-being in mind, and that will never change.

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If you’re facing a legal concern, it’s time to seek professional counsel. If you want that counsel to come from a team that’s experienced, determined, understanding, and respectful, look no further than Fernandez & Moloney PLLC. We’ve handled cases ranging from simple and straightforward estate planning to brutal divorces to complex criminal charges.

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