Maria A. Fernandez

Although I never met my grandfather, his legacy as a lawyer in Spain planted within me a deep feeling of intrigue about practicing law. As a kid here in the U.S., that seed of curiosity only grew as I watched my father organize a union and push for fair wages and work conditions. Today, I carry on that legacy by working to protect the rights of my own clients.

Douglas S. Haynes

You could say that advocacy runs in my family. My brother and I were raised by two parents who were determined to put an end to segregation, and we both grew up to become attorneys. To this day, the novel To Kill a Mockingbird still fuels my need to help others by reminding me of my parents’ passion and the impact of standing up for what’s right.

Joseph A. Moloney

As a third generation attorney. I have an extremely in-depth understanding of just how much clients have to go through when they're facing a legal dispute. That's why I strive to ensure that my clients are getting the answers they seek and the support they need.

Ashlea N. Hellmann

Associate Attorney
I am a trial attorney licensed to practice in Kentucky. My practice is focused in several areas including Criminal Law, Family Law, Estate Planning, Probate and Administration, Civil Rights Law, and Personal Injury.