Attorney Ben Wyman is a champion for his clientele because he offers his gifts of legal expertise, professionalism, sensitivity with empathy, and listening skills with genuine concern.  All of these attributes make him uniquely qualified to represent you and me.

-S.L., a personal injury client

Ben really engages with me as a client and a person, and cares about how this case affects me.  He has been available to walk me through each step and answer all my questions clearly.  He’s also helped me make decisions based on a cost-benefit analysis, saving me money, time and stress in the process.

-M.D., a family law and criminal defense client

We use Ben’s service in family law.  He’s passionate about our case, upfront and honest, and amazing in the courtroom!  We are blessed to have found such an exceptional attorney.

-C.E. and M.E., family law clients

Ben Wyman is an incredible professional who makes your issue his own.  I was making no headway with an insurance company on my own after nearly a year of attempts.  Upon enlisting his services, I had an acceptable solution within weeks.  I would recommend Ben and his talents to anyone needing legal support.

-C.M, an unfair insurance practice client

Ben Wyman is trustworthy, dependable, and efficient.  I definitely recommend him.

-D.B., a personal injury client

Ben Wyman is a kind, fair, and very helpful and capable attorney. He was always reachable and quick to respond with excellent advice and explanations to any concerns I had. I would highly recommend Ben and his colleagues—their knowledge and good work resulted in a beneficial and welcome outcome for our family

-M.O., a personal injury client

Ben is a skilled attorney and great advocate.  He is proactive with moving my case along and always responds to my questions.  I am happy he is on my side and not the other!

-J.F., a personal injury client

I want to thank you for taking on my case.  From the time I walked into your office, I knew you were going to be a blessing to me.  You far exceeded my expectation and for that I’m thankful.  You took my case although the travel for you would be 1 hour away from Louisville Kentucky.  Not only did you take my case, but you also picked me up and drove me there. Came to get me, when we needed to discuss the case in person. 

When you took my case you knew that I didn’t have much, and yet you made sure that my major needs were taken care of first.  You saw in me what I didn’t see in myself and you fought hard to ensure that my case was fair and reasonable.  I truly believe because of you, I still have a job and a roof over my head. 

And you continued to bless me by being there every step of the way. You took me to every court date and when it was time to turn myself in you were right there standing tall with me.  I could go on and on and on but most of all I'd just like to sincerely thank you for being the best lawyer that I could have asked for and I appreciate you so much for all that you’ve done for me and my family.  Thank you for the friendship that we have and God bless you my friend!

-A. H., a criminal defense client

I have known Attorney Maria Fernandez for over 12 years. Maria has assisted me on numerous occasions with estate (family), and business legal matters supporting the development of my company. Maria is an exemplary attorney and business professional. She has a unique understanding of the demands of family and small business which have directly, positively, impacted me, my business initiatives, the clients and customers I serve.

Ms. Fernandez is a very competent, discerning, highly skilled attorney. She melds compassion, understanding, and unwavering ethics with seasoned professional skills. The end result is my own confidence and peace that important family and business legal matters have been properly handled. The value of her fine legal services is immeasurable.

-Lorianne P. Bonn