DON’T GET LOST IN A LEGAL DISPUTE Let Our Experience Guide You


Divorce is a crisis in your life. It is a crisis when you know you need to file for divorce. It is certainly a crisis when your spouse files against you. You are suddenly thrown into the frightening world of lawyers and courtrooms. You want the best help you can get.

When the Family Court system tries to take control over your life, you need both sides of the coin working for you: negotiating strength and courtroom savvy. Both of these skills are critical to protecting your rights and your children's best interests. The top family court lawyers "walk softly and carry a big stick" in their approach to successful case management. Thus, the best way to avoid court is to be prepared for court. It always helps settlement efforts to be knowledgeable and strategic in your approach to resolving your case.

The lawyers of Fernandez & Moloney PLLC, recognize that the courtroom should be viewed as a last resort. Aggressive negotiation and comprehensive mediation are the healthiest and lease expensive avenues to ending the nightmare of divorce and preparing for a new beginning in your life.